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The Humpback Cast Net is a brand under the Lee Fisher International, Inc. Today, the LFI, Inc. has become one of the nation largest fishing supply companies located in Tampa, Florida for more than 35 years. LFI was founded in 1982 at a tiny rented space to provide net related fishing gears to the commercial fishing industry. Since then LFI now has grown to a big family of manufacturer, distributor and retail operation on commercial fishing, sports fishing, sports nets, and other related industry.

Back in the good old times in 1977. The company founder “Mr. Lee” (San-Fu Lee) from Taiwan, had arrived the greatest free land in the world with his bachelor degree in Fishery Science. For seeing the opportunity in the fishing industry, he decided to start his own career on commercial fishing gear business. In 1982, a small warehouse was rented in Tampa, FL, and provided the most reliable commercial-grade fishing net in the US, using the premium high-quality material made by the skillful workers. The success in commercial fishing net made the LFI, Inc. become one of the most famous net suppliers across the nation. Now, Lee Fisher International, Inc. dominates a huge portion of sales in the commercial fishing net market.

In 1986, Mr. Lee noticed the needs for affordable and quality controlled cast nets. The sports fishing community suffered high prices and less quality when eating bait. At that time, LFI, Inc. had his first step into cast net making and brought fresh air to the market. Durable quality, easy to throw, and fair price have become the hallmark of LFI’s cast nets in the industry. The product “Bait Buster Cast Net” now is one of the most popular cast nets on the marketplaces as well as “Joy Fish” and “Mako” brand.

After two decades on the market, we collected feedback from avid fisherman and captains around Florida shore. Surprisingly found that many high-end cast net brands claim to produce a premium-grade product, but cannot last long for months. Since then we decided to invent the Humpback Cast Net for experienced and daily heavy users. See how Humpback Cast Nets are different from others (Link: Why choose Humpback Cast Net?)

After spending two years designing and testing nets in the field, Mr. Lee with his advanced knowledge in the netting and fishing industry, insisting the quality of Humpback Cast Net has to be the top of the best. For better production control, the materials of Humpback Cast Nets are made in Taiwan, not China or under developing country, run by one of the world largest fishing nets manufacturer with 60 years experience; workers are paid a fair wage in safe conditions. Materials are legally responsibly sourced. Humpback cast nets are quality products made with dignity and pride.

In 2014, the first Humpback Cast Net launched to the market. We can say it proudly and confident that the design of the Humpback Cast Net was the first and most unique at that time. However, as the leader in the market, we haven’t stopped improving our cast net lines. A few months later, the Humpback Cast Net came out new models with different lead weight to fit in various depths of water and field conditions.

Today, the Humpback Cast Net strives to make a lasting mark to the sports fishing community. We keep improving the cast net to get you more bait in a single throw. Every Humpback Cast Net you buy will give a portion of profit to CCA, Florida, for ocean conservation and to support sports fishing events. Check out how we participate in fishing community and charity organization. (Link: Social responsibility).

We believe our integrity, reliability and reputation for 37 years to bring the best customer service in the industry. Your trust and support encourage our team to develop superior products for all the captains, avid fisherman, and recreational anglers. Humpback Cast Net team has the faith in our products and offers exclusive warranty for each cast net you purchase from us. Check our warranty program. (Link: warranty program) Humpback Cast Net appreciates the opportunity from you to let us share the enthusiasm in cast net products. We cherish our customers and always put your needs in the first place.

Tight Lines,
Humpback Cast Net Team

Humpback Cast Net 

This net was made for the serious angler... Definitely designed to catch more bait fish with fewer escapes.

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